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Detail of mechanical pieces of lap steel.Don't Fret Instruments is a small, unique, one of a kind musical instrument building company. My instruments are the product of years of relentless tinkering with wood coupled with 35 years as a musician and a desire and love to build great sounding pieces of art. I am constantly embarking on new ideas and turning them into instruments that are not only visually stunning, but sound great as well. Building unique one-of-a-kind instruments is my passion. Each instrument is hand crafted, and is determined by the piece of wood that it will be crafted from. There is no factory. Everything is built in my own wood shop. When you purchase any instrument from me, you can be assured that it's the only one like it out there. I will not sell anything that I am not thoroughly pleased with and would play myself. I individually sign and number each instrument.

Here, at, you can search our pages for my latest products such as the 'Sipsey River Steel' lap steels, 'Don't Fret' fretless basses, or my percussion line including the 'Sipsey Slapper' and my custom made cajon's.

You can also learn a little bit about me, Jack Dudley, and find out what influenced me to begin building musical instruments.

Check out my photo gallery, which will be continually updated as I build new products or develop new ideas. You can also find sound and video clips in the media page.

Limited Edition SRS lap steels available online!You will not find a large in-stock inventory here, for all of the instruments that I build are built on a one-at-a-time basis. I do now have a small inventory that can be purchased online via paypal. My desire is to communicate one on one with my customers, and create an instrument that will be custom crafted to your unique specifications. Drop me an email and let's talk.

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Jack recommends and uses slides from
Rocky Mountain Slides Company.

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Learn more about these instruments on Sipsey River Steels' facebook page.

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